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The tense housing situation in Palma and the surrounding cities is a difficult situation for young people with low incomes. Our concept started in 2022 with the idea of providing young people with affordable housing  in Mallorca  to offer.

Our guiding principle is: "Una vida más bella un percio asequible" (A better life at an affordable price). 

We specialize in renting shared rooms. Young people should feel comfortable in our apartments and be able to make many international contacts.


The concept of our shared flats is identical in every flat: 

  • A modern Equipment, central location and large common areas are important factors for us in our shared apartments. 

  • A single room in a shared apartment can be rented from €179.00 (excluding bills) with a small flat rate for the use of the common area  can be rented.

  • Electricity, water and garbage are also billed at a small flat rate. 

Our team currently consists of five employees from a wide variety of areas, die together pursuing our goal. Our claim is based on our needscustomers and to the highest quality standards.

Are you interested in our coveted shared flats?


Niklas Schneider


Georg Graf


Anton Graf


Noelia King

En Casa Agent Sale

Matthias Bölsche



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